When you begin, you will need to put the “Extraction Point” and a Level 1 Spawning area out in the middle of the table. Your characters begin on the Extraction Point. (Note: Using my iPhone again so please excuse the quality. Also, although that’s the master for “The Secretary”, we’ll be using the mini to represent Agent Scorpio for this example).

To the side (you don’t HAVE to have it in this order) you’ll put the Minion Cards up top next to the Action Dice; Below you’ll have your Hacking Deck; Below, the files (1-4) that you’re supposed to download; Below, the Item Stash deck; And finally, the Tiles (face down.)

In this example, Agen#004 (the REAL Libra) is going to go first. She has 2 actions that she can do. Her movement is 3 so she’s going to move 3 spaces, revealing new tiles as she moves.

For her second action, she continues to move, but upon revealing the second tile of this Action, she comes across an Armory. Instead of moving 3 spaces, she stops at 2 so she can be in the Armory. Her turn is now over.

Agent #001 (Scorpio) moves 2 spaces and discovers a Server room!

Time for some hacking… Or not. So on her second action, she rolls 3 dice to hack the system and gets 1 of the 2 corresponding symbols. Keep in mind that the “Kiss” icon is also a wild. So if an “Eye” icon was rolled as well as the “Kiss”, she would have hacked into the network.

When you get a match but it’s not complete, you can choose to save a die. That means you only have access to the remaining 2 dice. In other words, if someone comes and attacks you, you can only use 2 dice to defend (unless you have some other nifty card or ability that says otherwise.) You do not have to save your dice. In fact, you can grab your dice and leave the room during your next available turn or action.

At the end of both player’s turn is the enemy’s turn. Since there are no enemies on the map, 1 minion is spawned on the lowest spawn location (Level 1 currently.)

After the enemy’s turn, it’s back to Libra! She decides to roll to search the armory… success… or is it?

Since she did get the correct symbol for this armory, she can pull an Item card from the Item Stash deck.

The item is placed next to her character card. You may use the item at any time, depending on the card description, or you may instead use it as a way to prevent an attack from stunning you.

Since during her search she came up with an “Eye” icon, she accidentally alerts a Minion. So a new minion spawns at the nearest spawn location, which sadly for Scorpio, it’s near her. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Level 1, 2, or 3 spawn point, whichever is closer to the place you alerted the guards, is the place that will spawn a minion. Just for grins, Scorpio decides to use her remaining action to roll and search for another item (since you can hold up to 2 items). She fails and her turn ends.

Scorpio, what are you going to do? You have 2 minions next to you. Scorpio boldly stays and tries to hack into the network again. Remember, she already has 1 die saved.

Good one! She got herself a wild. So she is now in the network!

But it’s not quite over. She needs to begin the download and bypass the security. Will she do it?

Whew! She gets the job done. Crisis averted.

Because of this, she picks up the file that corresponds to the server room she’s in. If she can hold on to it by the end of the game, files count as 1 style point (any file you download over the set of 4 count as 2 style points.)

Uh oh, on the Enemy’s turn, both Minions enter the Server Room and attack Agent Scorpio. Minions will move towards the closest agent.

The enemy (red die) rolls a “Kiss” icon, which means nothing to them. Because it was a miss, Agent Scorpio doesn’t need to defend.

The second Minion rolls a “Pistol”, signifying an attack. Fortunately, Agent Scorpio defends. The enemy’s turn ends.

Now it’s back to Agent Libra. Looks like she moved and discovered a Server Room. She rolls and Hacks into the network.

Whoops! While downloading, she gets caught. Because of this, a Minion will appear at the Server Room, coming from the nearest Spawn Location.

In this case, it was a Level 2 Android!

The enemy immediately attacks and even though Agent Libra has the ability to defend with 4 dice, she doesn’t get a “Defense” icon. As well, the enemy rolled an “Eye” icon, alerting another Level 2 Minion which was near by.

Since Agent Libra has an item, she decides to scrap it instead of taking the direct hit and becoming stunned (forcing her to lose her file and get ejected into an adjacent room.)

Scrapped Items go into a Junk pile next to the Items Deck. If there are no more items to draw and items are in the Junk pile, you’ll just simply reshuffle the Junked items and put it face down again as a new Items Stash deck.

Agent Scorpio it struggling a bit. Because she has at least 1 enemy in her location, she can’t escape. So for her first action, she attacks one of the minions and defeats her! Unfortunately, the Minion also calls for backup.

But because she defeated the Minion, Agent Scorpio gains 1 Style point!

Whoops…. I think we should have first remembered to read Agent Scorpio’s Twin Pistols ability. She would have defeated two of the Minions on her location from her Wild “Kiss” and “Pistol” rolls.

Let’s fast forward to towards the end, just to cover a few more points. If you see, Agent Scorpio wants to make it to the Extraction Point.

Minions move and roll the same value of dice that they are leveled. So in this case, if it’s the enemy’s turn, Agent Scorpio is going to get face to face with the Android who moves 2 spaces. The Soldier Minion, being a Level 1 can only move 1 space and attack/defense with only 1 die.

And one more quirk about the game, which you probably have on your mind is … what’s with all the numbers? As well, where would a Minion move if in between 2 agents?

If there is an “exact” tile to space scenario, the Minion would move towards the tile with the higher number on it. Which also makes how you move and how you place tiles a bit of an advanced strategy.


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