Up and Coming!

Hello Backers! Thanks for your patience for this update πŸ™‚

I know there’s a few really great projects out on Kickstarter that has been getting great traction, but remember our starting goal was $28k and we have more than doubled that so far, and we still have 9 days to go! We have a couple of great ideas that we want to bring into the fold of Zero Agents and had to wait on some manufacture green lights before we could offer anything new.Β To give this campaign an additional push, there’s a couple of things we are VERY excited to announce πŸ™‚

New Expansion Pack!

During the beginning of the last week of this campaign, we’ll have an add-on for a very fun expansion pack. It’s a bit “out there” but it’ll definitely fit the Fantasy theme that’s going on Kickstarter right now. As a backer guessed before, this will be a Magic/Dark arts Expansion which will add 1 new Agent, 1 Boss, and 1 new henchmen type along with new tiles and items that will expand Zero Agents. There’s a few gameplay elements that this expansion pack adds so just wait a couple of days and we’ll show and tell (we’re actually waiting on artwork to show you for this Expansion).

Collaboration Guest Star!

We thought a perfect guest publisher to make an appearance in this Universe would be none other than Soda Pop Miniatures! With their blessing, we’ll be introducing you to Secret Agent Candy and her Stylish sidekick, Soda πŸ™‚

Once again, more info on this soon. We’re just drumming up the artwork for the duo now!

Guest Sculptor!

For anyone on the fence for the Born Identity pledge, here’s a bit of an extra bonus. For those who love Kingdom Death: Monster and their awesome sculpts, we were very fortunate to have HecM give a nod to do your sculpt. That is an AMAZING opportunity, especially if you have a great idea or want your likeness permanently on a miniature for all to play with or against. HecM will do a few other sculpts for Zero Agents as well so don’t worry. But for the Born Identity, we’ve got this great opportunity waiting for you!

More to come!

Gameplay video will go up this week as well as possibly a couple more sculpt samples. Of course new artwork for the upcoming add-on expansion pack and more storyline reveals as you get to know more of our agents. Website? This week as well! Lots of exciting things as we count down to the final week! Are you ready?


7th Stretch… Boss Unlocked!

Hello Backers, Congratulations on the $60k Unlock last night! Our unlock is a bit special since she is indeed a boss character. Very sexy but extremely dangerous, here’s a look at her under the light.

She looks nice, though a bit psychotic. But what exactly does she do for the gameplay? As a boss, she will have her own set of moves patterns, abilities, and an objective. Though a bit weird seeing her on a throne of her victims, I’m pretty sure you want to see what she looks like when she greets a Zero Agent?

Here we go πŸ™‚

(I personally love her Scalpel Blade)!

New Add-on!

Per your request, we’ve added a minis pack for the “Full Mission” tier and above to add-on to your pledges. These are Minis Only mainly for those who love to paint or to collect to have a second set. This will include the 7 unique sculpts from the core set, the 3 unique sculpts from the Silent Alarm set and all the Non-Elite Operative sculpts from the stretch goals (yes, boss characters will be included in this pack). If you’re looking for another set of the Elite Operatives, you can alway add another pack to your pledge. Having both packs at this moment, is about $2 per mini for you, which is an awesome deal! Plus, we still have a lot more minis to unlock that will just make these packs even sweeter!

And for those just tuning in, don’t forget about the Zero Agent Black Book if you love our artwork πŸ™‚

The next unlock!

So as you can see, we’re doing more of a reveal for the next one and a slight teaser of the one after. We’ll try to keep following this pattern for you so you get more of a advanced showing of our unlocks. Looks like the next unlock makes an awesome pairing with “The Doctor”. Could there be a reason for this?

Introduction of our team!

Hello Backers! As I type this, we’re almost at our $60k Unlock mark, great job! We’ll be posting ads this week which we hope you’ll be seeing sometime soon. As well, we believe our web guy is finalizing our website for a Friday or at the very least, a weekend launch. Until then, it’s my pleasure to give you a brief introduction of us all:

Chris (Christine Tsang) – Santa Monica, CA: She is the creator behind the gameplay and being adamant about having items that fuse together. We loved the idea, but she was pretty much “hands around our neck” that we include that feature. Christine believes herself to be an aggressive tabletop gamer, being that she has 4 brothers and is always ridiculed for being a “girl gamer”. Now, she schools her brothers and her friends whenever she plays as she’s a quick learn to new games and an intimidating force to be reckoned with. She’s currently playing more adventure/battle games such as Krosmaster, Shadows of Brimstone, Myth, and Descent. She’s also an avid LOL, WOW, and Counter Strike gamer. NEVER NEVER NEVER play a Euro game with her (she’s ruthless and is very vocal about it… ha ha!)

Dean Sawyer – Los Angeles, CA: He’s the brains of the logistic and manufacture side of things. He has a background in import/export and project management so his experience will help us with our Debut growing pains. He loves traditional games like AD&D, Hero Quest, and can sit for hours playing Mansions of Madness, and working out campaigns for his Fate Core pet-projects. Dean refuses to play dexterity games because he knocks everything down. I don’t blame him.

Wendy Lin – San Francisco, CA: She’s in charge of artwork, managing the sculptors and artists we have on board and creating the graphic design layout for the cards, tiles, etc. The descriptions that we give our artists are brainstormed by the team but eventually, she consolidates them and sends them over. She’s who I can play light games with, like the Munchkin, Smash Up, Rampage, and even the occasional MTG and Sentinels of the Multiverse romp. Wendy is more of a console gamer so she’s always waiting in some line at Gamestop to pick up a pre-order. She’s a bit shy so she steers away from MMORPGs.

Bonnie Park – Los Angeles, CA: That would be me! Not really much to say about myself, except that I really love the Zero Agents storyline we created together. I’m a manga/anime otaku and since one of my favorite series is Gunslinger Girls, you can see how a lot of influence from the series made it into the story. So far, you’ve only heard a portion, and introduction of the Zero Agents. I really hope that in time we can show off all the branching relationships and mystery that we’ve created. All of the characters have a unique personality and background that you should find at least one Agent to really root for. I’m looking forward to see how many of these personalities you’ll get to see by the end of this campaign πŸ™‚

Sixth Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hello Backers, congratulations on another awesome unlock! As most of you have guessed, our new Elite Operative is disguised as a Maid. She’s actually a master at undercover and multiple identities and probably one of the more deadly assassins. Because she was originally the “Back Up” Agent for Agent#008 (from the Silent Alarm Expansion), you can see a strong hate/hate relationship there, especially since before entering training within the Zero Agency, they were both in the same Ninja Clan!

Following this one, we have our next unlock. She’s a bit different because this is our first BOSS unlock. Because of this, she will come with a couple of extra cards with instructions on how to use her. Don’t take her lightly,she’ll cut through you with surgical precision … mainly cause she’s a bit unstable. Along with “The Secretary” this makes 2 from the mysterious Shadow Organization.

Speaking of Ninjas…

Ah, since we did talk about Ninjas, one of our sculptors finished the Kunoichi Minion from the Silent Alarm Expansion.

We’re trying to finish up the gameplay video for the core game and its setup. With luck we can post it tonight as a follow-up update. In the meantime, let’s keep sharing and spreading the word πŸ™‚

Happy Milestone! Fifth Unlock with a Bonus!

Hello Backers! To be honest, I really like this Agent. Some of you will right away recognize the two females she’s based off of, but her role in Zero Agents makes her an integral part of the team. She’s sexy, agile, and ready to claim her prize.

So you’re probably wondering what makes this unlock special. Well, in addition to this incredibly sexy unlock, you’ll also receive the “Cat Burglar ” Scenario.

What is the Cat Burglar Scenario?

Included are 4 new tiles and several trap tokens. You will also get a scenario setup where you can play a side-mission where Agent Libra has to sneak into the vault and make it out before she’s spotted or captured by the Shadow Organization. You can play co-op in this very light but difficult minigame. Also included are some new items that will specifically help you in this scenario with some special character rulings for if you play as some of the other agents instead. Increase the difficulty by using different Minion combinations or even the Elite Operatives to guard the Vault.

With this milestone out of the way, this will become the prelude of something a little bigger in the next milestone, something to tie-into the core game and the Cat Burglar scenario. I mean, don’t you want to know what she’s trying to steal?

Looking forward to sharing with you what’s to come!Β In the meantime, here’s a quick look at the next mystery unlock:

Minis Questions … Answered!

Hello Backers! This is just a follow-up to our update this morning. Currently we’re REALLY close to unlocking the first “Milestone Stretch”. I have full confidence you’ll unlock her as well as the new gameplay feature very soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to post a few photos (albeit on my poor old iPhone) of the Production Masters of the minis for you to see. We want you to look at the details we intend for our minis as well as see them compared with a couple other minis so you can get a better idea of their size.

2 Zero Agents in between 2 Zombicide Characters
2 Zero Agents in between 2 Zombicide Characters
(Left to right): Hero Clix Huntress, 2 Sentinel Tactic Minis, 2 Zero Agents, 2 Zombicide Minis, 1 Zombicide Fatty
(Left to right): Hero Clix Huntress, 2 Sentinel Tactic Minis, 2 Zero Agents, 2 Zombicide Minis, 1 Zombicide Fatty

Once again, sorry for the poor quality of the images but I do hope this helps a bit! The details are very high, especially when you see the creases on the clothing and curves on the women. There’s even intricate details on the face, but the lighting and photos really can’t do them justice. We’re also working on editing the gameplay video for you (it’ll be ready for you all this week)!Β As well, more sculpts and artwork on the way πŸ™‚

Fourth Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hello Backers, hope you all are well and safe. We heard about several areas getting hit by massive rain and tornados and just want to make sure you’re all ok.

For brighter news, you’ve now unlocked your Fourth Stretch Goal! For anyone who love shows like X-Files, Fringe, Bones, etc…. Agent Pisces is your agent.

Coming up!

We’ll be hitting the 50k Milestone pretty soon so just want to give you a hint of what’s next. For Milestones, we will be giving you new gameplay elements besides just a really sexy character. Eventually, if hitting our second milestone is in the cards, you’ll see a prelude to something big. Think of it as a really new way to play Zero Agents. But until then, slinking in the shadows is our next unlock.Β She’s quick, agile and loves her some expensive loot.


So tonight we’ll have a follow-up update that will have some simple photos of our Miniature Production Masters in a lineup so you can get a better idea what the size is and details look like. We only have a couple at the moment, but the good news is that our sculptors are working on getting some sculpts to show off during the campaign. We’ll post more as we get them in!

In the mean time, please help us spread the word. We just opened a Facebook page and are working on finishing out our website this week. We’ll also start populating our BGG side of things too. Thank you for your great advice!26