With the rise of a powerful yet mysterious Shadow Organization, several countries send out their own Zero Agents to investigate. Upon hearing that this organization has already gathered dangerous intel, the Zero Agents must infiltrate the enemy HQ and quickly hack into their systems and recover the master plans.

As a Zero Agent, your objective is to ensure you have more intel than the others in order to give your Country the advantage in the overall power struggle for leadership.

Zero Agents is a tile and dice based, 1-5 player game where you play as one of 5 Zero Agents, each with their own unique set of skills. Hack computers that randomly appear while fending off guards that continue to spawn in response to player dice rolls! But don’t worry, you’ll discover weapons you can fuse together in addition to utilizing your Agent’s unique abilities.


Silent Alarm (Kickstarter Exclusive): This expansion adds 3 types of characters to the game; 1 Agent (#008 Aquarius), 1 Boss (The Secretary), and a Level 3 Minion (Kunoichi) as well as 2 new item cards, 5 new Tiles, Trap Cards and 3 character cards. The Boss card follows a specific movement pattern and has “triggers” for her ability if in the correct scenario. With the inclusion of a Boss character, you can play “Boss Mode” with Zero Agents where one player can be the GM (Game Master) and play as the Shadow Organization. Silent Alarm also introduces trap tokens which trigger certain traps within the game!

Mystic Arts: Besides the VERGE department in the Zero Agency, there is a Mystic Division called the ARCANE. In this expansion you will get 1 Agent (Gemini-0), 1 Boss (The Sorceress), and a Level 2 Minion (Magician) as well as 2 new item cards, 5 new Tiles, tokens and 2 character cards. This expansion highlights the use of tactical magic and summoning portals and slimes to confuse your enemy. This is a fun expansion, especially for those who are fans of Harry Potter and Anime Witches.

Cat Burglar: Not a full expansion per se, this set offers new “scenario” content to Zero Agents, themed after Agent#010 (Cancer). In the scenario, your goal is to break into the vault to steal a secret treasure from the Shadow Organization. Special ruling has you pre-setup the map then explore to find new rooms to get to the vault. There will be new tiles, items, and gameplay elements introduced, as well as locked doors, changing the dynamics of Zero Agents if you decide to incorporate elements of Cat Burglar to the core game.


This pack offers 10 Special Operatives. Elite Operatives that are unlocked in our Kickstarter Stretch Goals, offer unique characters to the pack. Elite Operatives can be playable characters in Zero Agents or can follow their own AI using an “objective” system, where their movement patterns are dictated by that operative’s goal. Normally, you would put 1 opposing Elite Operative to 1 active Zero Agent. Of course, if you play “Boss Mode”, you can have the GM control them.


As we introduce new elements to the campaign, new gameplay elements are unlocked. Currently, you can play Zero Agents as:

  • Normal Mode: 1-5 Players as intended
  • Boss mode: 1-6 Players, having 1 player the GM controlling the Shadow Organization
  • Co-Op mode: 1-5 Players going up against the Boss Character and Elite Operatives
  • Scenario Mode: 1-6 Players with a specific objective and map layout
  • Battle Arena: 2-6 players in an all out battle to get to the Extraction Point
  • Capture the Flag: Hack into the opposing team’s server and return to your HQ with the most intel.



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