Up and Coming!

Hello Backers! Thanks for your patience for this update πŸ™‚

I know there’s a few really great projects out on Kickstarter that has been getting great traction, but remember our starting goal was $28k and we have more than doubled that so far, and we still have 9 days to go! We have a couple of great ideas that we want to bring into the fold of Zero Agents and had to wait on some manufacture green lights before we could offer anything new.Β To give this campaign an additional push, there’s a couple of things we are VERY excited to announce πŸ™‚

New Expansion Pack!

During the beginning of the last week of this campaign, we’ll have an add-on for a very fun expansion pack. It’s a bit “out there” but it’ll definitely fit the Fantasy theme that’s going on Kickstarter right now. As a backer guessed before, this will be a Magic/Dark arts Expansion which will add 1 new Agent, 1 Boss, and 1 new henchmen type along with new tiles and items that will expand Zero Agents. There’s a few gameplay elements that this expansion pack adds so just wait a couple of days and we’ll show and tell (we’re actually waiting on artwork to show you for this Expansion).

Collaboration Guest Star!

We thought a perfect guest publisher to make an appearance in this Universe would be none other than Soda Pop Miniatures! With their blessing, we’ll be introducing you to Secret Agent Candy and her Stylish sidekick, Soda πŸ™‚

Once again, more info on this soon. We’re just drumming up the artwork for the duo now!

Guest Sculptor!

For anyone on the fence for the Born Identity pledge, here’s a bit of an extra bonus. For those who love Kingdom Death: Monster and their awesome sculpts, we were very fortunate to have HecM give a nod to do your sculpt. That is an AMAZING opportunity, especially if you have a great idea or want your likeness permanently on a miniature for all to play with or against. HecM will do a few other sculpts for Zero Agents as well so don’t worry. But for the Born Identity, we’ve got this great opportunity waiting for you!

More to come!

Gameplay video will go up this week as well as possibly a couple more sculpt samples. Of course new artwork for the upcoming add-on expansion pack and more storyline reveals as you get to know more of our agents. Website? This week as well! Lots of exciting things as we count down to the final week! Are you ready?


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