7th Stretch… Boss Unlocked!

Hello Backers, Congratulations on the $60k Unlock last night! Our unlock is a bit special since she is indeed a boss character. Very sexy but extremely dangerous, here’s a look at her under the light.

She looks nice, though a bit psychotic. But what exactly does she do for the gameplay? As a boss, she will have her own set of moves patterns, abilities, and an objective. Though a bit weird seeing her on a throne of her victims, I’m pretty sure you want to see what she looks like when she greets a Zero Agent?

Here we go 🙂

(I personally love her Scalpel Blade)!

New Add-on!

Per your request, we’ve added a minis pack for the “Full Mission” tier and above to add-on to your pledges. These are Minis Only mainly for those who love to paint or to collect to have a second set. This will include the 7 unique sculpts from the core set, the 3 unique sculpts from the Silent Alarm set and all the Non-Elite Operative sculpts from the stretch goals (yes, boss characters will be included in this pack). If you’re looking for another set of the Elite Operatives, you can alway add another pack to your pledge. Having both packs at this moment, is about $2 per mini for you, which is an awesome deal! Plus, we still have a lot more minis to unlock that will just make these packs even sweeter!

And for those just tuning in, don’t forget about the Zero Agent Black Book if you love our artwork 🙂

The next unlock!

So as you can see, we’re doing more of a reveal for the next one and a slight teaser of the one after. We’ll try to keep following this pattern for you so you get more of a advanced showing of our unlocks. Looks like the next unlock makes an awesome pairing with “The Doctor”. Could there be a reason for this?


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