Sixth Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hello Backers, congratulations on another awesome unlock! As most of you have guessed, our new Elite Operative is disguised as a Maid. She’s actually a master at undercover and multiple identities and probably one of the more deadly assassins. Because she was originally the “Back Up” Agent for Agent#008 (from the Silent Alarm Expansion), you can see a strong hate/hate relationship there, especially since before entering training within the Zero Agency, they were both in the same Ninja Clan!

Following this one, we have our next unlock. She’s a bit different because this is our first BOSS unlock. Because of this, she will come with a couple of extra cards with instructions on how to use her. Don’t take her lightly,she’ll cut through you with surgical precision … mainly cause she’s a bit unstable. Along with “The Secretary” this makes 2 from the mysterious Shadow Organization.

Speaking of Ninjas…

Ah, since we did talk about Ninjas, one of our sculptors finished the Kunoichi Minion from the Silent Alarm Expansion.

We’re trying to finish up the gameplay video for the core game and its setup. With luck we can post it tonight as a follow-up update. In the meantime, let’s keep sharing and spreading the word đŸ™‚


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