Happy Milestone! Fifth Unlock with a Bonus!

Hello Backers! To be honest, I really like this Agent. Some of you will right away recognize the two females she’s based off of, but her role in Zero Agents makes her an integral part of the team. She’s sexy, agile, and ready to claim her prize.

So you’re probably wondering what makes this unlock special. Well, in addition to this incredibly sexy unlock, you’ll also receive the “Cat Burglar ” Scenario.

What is the Cat Burglar Scenario?

Included are 4 new tiles and several trap tokens. You will also get a scenario setup where you can play a side-mission where Agent Libra has to sneak into the vault and make it out before she’s spotted or captured by the Shadow Organization. You can play co-op in this very light but difficult minigame. Also included are some new items that will specifically help you in this scenario with some special character rulings for if you play as some of the other agents instead. Increase the difficulty by using different Minion combinations or even the Elite Operatives to guard the Vault.

With this milestone out of the way, this will become the prelude of something a little bigger in the next milestone, something to tie-into the core game and the Cat Burglar scenario. I mean, don’t you want to know what she’s trying to steal?

Looking forward to sharing with you what’s to come! In the meantime, here’s a quick look at the next mystery unlock:


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