Fourth Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hello Backers, hope you all are well and safe. We heard about several areas getting hit by massive rain and tornados and just want to make sure you’re all ok.

For brighter news, you’ve now unlocked your Fourth Stretch Goal! For anyone who love shows like X-Files, Fringe, Bones, etc…. Agent Pisces is your agent.

Coming up!

We’ll be hitting the 50k Milestone pretty soon so just want to give you a hint of what’s next. For Milestones, we will be giving you new gameplay elements besides just a really sexy character. Eventually, if hitting our second milestone is in the cards, you’ll see a prelude to something big. Think of it as a really new way to play Zero Agents. But until then, slinking in the shadows is our next unlock. She’s quick, agile and loves her some expensive loot.


So tonight we’ll have a follow-up update that will have some simple photos of our Miniature Production Masters in a lineup so you can get a better idea what the size is and details look like. We only have a couple at the moment, but the good news is that our sculptors are working on getting some sculpts to show off during the campaign. We’ll post more as we get them in!

In the mean time, please help us spread the word. We just opened a Facebook page and are working on finishing out our website this week. We’ll also start populating our BGG side of things too. Thank you for your great advice!26


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