Third Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hello Backers! Tonight I’m excited to announce the next Stretch Goal we just unlocked. This one is a bit special since she’s part of the Elite Operatives. But who or what are they?

To give you an idea, the Shadow Organization has hired their own team of special agents. These are the “rejects” from the Zero Agents who have formed their own collaborative team called the Elite Operatives. Initially, the team served as a very well hidden back-up roster that would replace a Zero Agent if an agent would disappear or be eliminated during a mission. But…. the Zero Agents were too good, too well trained that the Elite Operatives decided to open themselves as freelancers to the highest bidders. So instead of Agents, they became mercenaries with special talents.

The Shadow Organization seeing this opportunity, hired them to take on the Zero Agents. These were the perfect candidates as they already had their own personal hatred or vendettas against their counterparts.

In the core game, the Elite Operatives can be used as Level 3 Minion swaps, each with their own unique abilities or they can be selected as a character in the main game. But it really would be a waste of a great storyline if these operatives were limited to just this….. well, let’s hit our first Milestone at $50k and we’ll show you just how interesting these characters can be šŸ™‚

For the $40k unlock, here is Elite Operative #2!

In the add-ons, you’ll see the Elite Operatives Minis pack. There are 10 minis in them. Because of this unlock, you will now have 5 Elite Operative 1 and 5 Elite Operative 2. As we unlock more, the ratio will change within the pack, giving you even more options of play.

So what’s in store for the next Agent? As a hint, there HAS to be a department for the weird and unexplained. Who better to handle the unidentified than Agent Pisces? She’s strong, brave, but with a mysterious past that literally made her into who she is now. Do you dare explore the unimagined? We do!


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