Second Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hello Backers! After an exciting first day, we are well into our stretches with the unlocking of Agent#007 – Taurus! Here is her brief bio:

Right now, we’re already very close to the next unlock… Maybe someone to join the ranks of the Elite Operatives? We shall see….

But to help us towards that goal, we want to introduce something a bit special. Because of several messages to our inbox about wanting an Art Book/Character Storyline book, we proudly release the Zero Agent Black Book.


In it, you’ll find Art Concepts, Final Illustrations, and Character Bios and Storyline that let you get into the minds of our Zero Agents. This is a Sexy, 60-Page “Coffee Table” book that’s 8.5″x11″ of awesomeness. Here’s a sample:

So look for it in the add-on section and let’s help to make the next several Stretch Goals yours!

(For those new on Kickstarter, to make an add-on, go into your pledge by hitting the “manage your pledge” button and manually enter any additional amount while keeping your pledge level the same. Update and you’re good to go!)


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