Zero Agents is Funded!

Hello Backers! First of all, thank you so much for your support. We are very excited to be able to bring to you all the world of Zero Agents. As the campaign gathers momentum, we’ll be launching our website to give you a better understanding to the storyline, artwork, and miniature concepts we would like to bring to you.

Now that we’re funded, we do have a lot of exciting things to come in this campaign. There are many Agents that haven’t been located yet as well as those who hunt them, lurking in the stretch goals.

Speaking of which, in just less than $2k, you’ll be unlocking Agent Leo! Here’s a quick preview of her:

Elite Operatives Pack

This is a MUST BUY as we get into the campaign. I say this because this is a really fun add-on. Currently, there are 10 Elite Operatives in the pack (10 Minis). The pack comes with its Level 3 Minion Card so that you can access her Unique Abilities. You can switch out or mix/match Level 3 Minions that you play with. For example, in the “Silent Alarm” expansion, it comes with a Level 3 Kunoichi. When you play, you can combine them together if you want.

But this isn’t what makes the Elite Operatives Pack unique. As we unlock certain stretch goals, you’ll be unlocking unique sculpts for the pack. So following Agent Leo, there may be a mysterious new Elite Operative to add to the pack, making the pack 5 of the current character and 5 of the unlocked one. Eventually, the goal is to unlock 10 unique sculpts for the pack that range from Level1 – Level3 Minions.

Do you want an Art Book?

We heard a few backers with interest in an artbook. We think it’s a great idea as well but we want to here what you all think as a whole. What we’d like to introduce is a small, hardcover coffee table art book that showcases Art, Concept Art, Storyline and our Minis Sculpts. What do you think? If you want it, we’ll put it up in the Add-on section by tomorrow.

Lots more up ahead!

Now that we’re heading towards the first Stretch unlock, we’ll start previewing some of the stuff we have in store for you in our next several updates. We’ll also have a gameplay video up next week and will be hinting at a very unique unlock that offers a new gameplay element…. Co-Op Story Mode.

Please help us spread the word so we can unlock even more by sharing, tweeting, and telling all that you know who might be interested.

See you in the next update!

Bonnie and the Avatar Games Team


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