First Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hello Backers, great job everyone! We are now one Agent into the stretch goals and a pretty exciting one at that. Agent#006, otherwise known as Leo is quite the contradiction. She’s a natural born leader but prefers to keep her fighting tactics at a distance. Armed with her sniper rifle, nicknamed “The Consigliere”, she moves slowly and picks off her enemies before they even know what’s coming. Here’s how she plays:

New Shipping Adjustments!

So there’s a bit of good news for our International backers! We had a discussion with several distribution centers and picked one that would not only facilitate shipping within AU, EU, CAN, and the US, but offered a bit of a discount overall. So now, shipping is a Flat Rate and as follows: US $5 / CAN $10 / EU $20 / AUS $20 / Other Countries $25

But don’t worry about doing the shipping stuff now. After the campaign is over, we’ll launch a Pledge Manager that will take care of that with you.

The Next Stretch!

Wow, as I write this we have almost hit the NEXT stretch goal! Ok, let me break down the next couple so you know what we’re up against. Needless to say, lots of excellent things on the way!

For a hint: Agent#007 is an Adventurer can survive just about anything. She’s been through the wild and the most mysterious of places. Anything to solve puzzles or uncover strange riches around the world.


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